Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Camera Fun

I had the most amazingly lovely lazy Sunday yesterday. The fact I had a lovely new camera to play with just made it all the better. I have been lusting after an Olympus Pen since they launched the E-P1 in 2009 but I didn't really feel I could justify spending money on a camera when I already have my trusty Canon and an Olympus snap camera. But the reality of my photo taking habits means that I really did want something between the two.

I find that my snap camera is great and small and light but it just doesn't allow me to take the kind of photos I really want to take, and as a result I often forget to carry it and end up taking pics on my iPhone. My lovely Canon on the other hand allows me to take exactly the kind of photos I want but its size means I have to carry it in its special bag: fine if you're going out for a specific photo walk; a bit annoying if you're just meeting a friend for a cup of tea.

Anyway, enough of the justification. Suffice to say that seeing the E-P1, plus external flash, at the knock-down price of £299 whilst browsing at the airport was enough to convince me that the time had come to embrace the in-between camera. And after only one day of playing with it, I'm already convinced I made a spot-on decision. It's the perfect size to fit in any bag I'm carrying (I don't really do small bags) and allows me enough control to bore Coffee Boy stupid while I mess around taking photos.

 So these represent just a few of my first plays with it. Having a lovely sunny Berlin Sunday to try it out on was the cherry on the cake.


  1. Lovely pictures, it's amazing what a difference a good, quality camera makes!

  2. I know Victoria, but now I am addicted to photographing everything..!


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