Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Camera Fun

I had the most amazingly lovely lazy Sunday yesterday. The fact I had a lovely new camera to play with just made it all the better. I have been lusting after an Olympus Pen since they launched the E-P1 in 2009 but I didn't really feel I could justify spending money on a camera when I already have my trusty Canon and an Olympus snap camera. But the reality of my photo taking habits means that I really did want something between the two.

I find that my snap camera is great and small and light but it just doesn't allow me to take the kind of photos I really want to take, and as a result I often forget to carry it and end up taking pics on my iPhone. My lovely Canon on the other hand allows me to take exactly the kind of photos I want but its size means I have to carry it in its special bag: fine if you're going out for a specific photo walk; a bit annoying if you're just meeting a friend for a cup of tea.

Anyway, enough of the justification. Suffice to say that seeing the E-P1, plus external flash, at the knock-down price of £299 whilst browsing at the airport was enough to convince me that the time had come to embrace the in-between camera. And after only one day of playing with it, I'm already convinced I made a spot-on decision. It's the perfect size to fit in any bag I'm carrying (I don't really do small bags) and allows me enough control to bore Coffee Boy stupid while I mess around taking photos.

 So these represent just a few of my first plays with it. Having a lovely sunny Berlin Sunday to try it out on was the cherry on the cake.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Feeling Fruity

A run of sunny days and blue skies; two consecutive bank holiday weekends with another on its way; and a Royal wedding under our belts.  Is it just me or does everyone seem a little bit chirpier than usual this spring?

I certainly am, as is my desperate urge to feel the sun on my arms and legs.  But unless you're super-organised and have executed a seasonal wardrobe changeover from your winter-wear to summer - trust me I actually know people who religiously do this - you, like me, have been furiously rummaging in drawers and in the back of your cupboard for that floaty blouse and summer dress you wore to death last summer.  Having pulled them out from under a mountain of chunky winter cardies and roll necks I have to say on first glance I felt decidedly underwhelmed and well, bored.  I needed something cheerful.  Okay okay I wanted something new which wasn't an 'investment' piece (yawn) and smacked of something a bit silly and fun - so the whimsical fruity micro-trend, kicked off by those mad dangly resin banana earrings Mrs Prada sported at the end of her S/S 2011 runway show last autumn, was just the ticket.

My sister had managed to nab us both a limited edition Orla Kiely pear tote from Tesco which got the ball rolling nicely but I wanted more.  There's lots out there to play with and here's my pick of the bunch (sorry!) including some sweet fabrics for those feeling a bit crafty.

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