Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tausche Bags

Like many of us I love bags. But not for me the hefty price tag of the latest It Bag; I prefer something attractive, reasonably priced and above all practical. I really can't get on with bags I have to carry in my hand or hook over my arm: I like something I can wear on my shoulder and preferably across the body. I know I'm boringly practical but I like a bag that allows me to use both my arms and that can be, if necessary, slung on whilst I'm on my bike.

The ideal for me then, often presents itself in the form of a messenger-style bag and luckily (given I spend a fair amount of time there) Germany is the mecca of the funky messenger bag. One company that I particularly love is Tausche. Each tarp bag you buy comes with two flaps of your choice that can be swapped at will; and better still other flaps are available to purchase on their own. This means that you can look like you've got a different bag on every day when in fact you have just the one.

The flaps attach with a chunky zip that allows no possibility for accidental detaching - in fact, the bags as a whole are very well made: I've had my bag for about 3 years now and it is still going strong. I've amassed five different flaps now - from a silhouette of the owner's dog (see above), to a lightly sequined and embroidered olive green one - and they are all still in fantastic condition too. (I should point out here that the flaps actually look much nicer in the flesh than they do online so if you happen to be in Berlin, Cologne or Stuttgart, pop along to the shops and have a look). The great thing is that when the actual bag does give up the ghost, I can buy a new one and still use all of the flaps I currently have. If that doesn't make for a fantastic price-per-wear statistic I don't know what does!

Just to make things even better, the company give you a loyalty card on which you can place the sticker you get each time you buy a flap. When you reach five you get a free one - and given that you get two when you buy the bag in the first place that means you can buy a mere three flaps and you're looking at a complete freebie!

The bags come in various sizes from little handbags (also suitable for children) to large messengers or backpacks, but they also do more boxy types with various inserts that allow you to transform them into camera bags or baby changing bags.  I've just noticed that they've also started to do a leather version that looks like it might need some further investigation... I really love these bags: practical, attractive and, I think very German. I always knew there was I reason I like to hang out there.

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  1. How much are these please? Are they good for riding a bike?


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