Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hello and welcome to our new blog. We've been talking about getting this thing up and running for ages and finally we're doing it. We are two Londoners who cemented our friendship via a shared love of cake, fabulous design and beautiful fabric. During one of our afternoon tea outings we got to talking about writing our own blog featuring the kind of things that inspire us - and here we are! You can expect to read about everything from interiors to music and from crafting to fashion; basically if it catches our eye or interests us we'll be writing about it. So, a little bit more about each of us:

I am Natalie and I'm lucky enough to split my time between London and Berlin. I love cycling to appointments: whether it's clad in a helmet and hi-vis gear (in London), or on a Dutch bike with the wind in my hair (in Berlin), I can't get enough of life on two wheels. My other big obsession is tea and cake; and to keep me sane I write about my adventures over at Afternoon Tea Total. But hours spent trawling the internet; reading design mags; gazing longingly at beautiful things; and taking photos everywhere I go has meant I need another outlet - before I burst under the weight of accumulated bookmarks, printed material and bits of fabric. Oh, and did I mention that I love sewing? Or film-making? Or baking? Or a million other things that fill my head at any one time? No? Well I'm sure you'll be hearing about all that soon enough...

I'm Trudi and I enjoy rooting around for beautiful design and lovely fabrics for my home and wardrobe. Browsing and rummaging have been a lifelong passion wholly encouraged by a previous job sourcing interiors and tableware for Alan Yau. I absolutely adore food: cooking it; eating it; and sharing it. It makes me happy! I'm incredibly lucky to be doing something I love - teaching yoga - which allows me to meet wonderful people from all walks of life every week. So many gorgeous things, so little time. Let's get to it!

So that's us. We're both glad to finally be here and we hope you will enjoy our musings as much as we'll enjoy sharing them with you.


  1. I can't wait to read more soon. Good luck with the new blog!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you Natasha. And thanks for stopping by! Nx

  3. Love tea and your tea blog but also love design, fabric and sewing. Heaven! Can't wait to read more.

  4. What an exciting new adventure! The fabric in the photo is beautiful, you know how to lure me in :)

  5. Aww ... thats a lovely first post! I love the picture's of you both too!! Good Luck with it all!!


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